April 8, 2008

Senate Support for Vermont State Board

Bill Doyle, Vermont’s Senate Minority Leader and vice-chairman of the Senate Education Committee, writes in defense of the Vermont State Board of Education (indeed, all state boards of education) in the state’s largest paper amid legislative efforts to dismantle the state board.

“The state Board of Education and the commissioner of education have taken a leading role in framing the conversation about transforming the state's education system and preparing Vermont's children for the world that awaits them,” says Doyle. “The board and the commissioner have been involved in numerous conversations with various constituent groups -- students, parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, legislators, school board members and business leaders. The Board of Education and the commissioner have plans for transforming the state's education system and creating a 21st Century learning environment.”

“It has been the right conversation to have. Vermont has an excellent education system with a lengthy history of accomplishments over many years. In a number of key categories, Vermont student have compared very well with their national peers, but the Vermont state board understands, as do state boards of education through the country, the status quo can never be sufficient in the arena of public education.”


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