April 14, 2008

A Jukebox Hero

There are rock stars (Elvis, Bono), then came rock star CEOs (Lee Iacocca, Bill Gates), and rock star lawyers (F. Lee Bailey, Johnny Cochrane). At one time, there was even rock star stock analysts (Henry Blodget).


Now comes, of course, rock star school superintendents. “Fewer qualified candidates, rising expectations, and a near-impossible job description are creating a new breed of superintendents: Call them central office rock stars. These candidates say that, for the right price, they're willing to do an unpopular job that can take a heavy personal and professional toll to whip underperforming districts into shape,” explains the article.


One superstar supe they identify is Dr. Rudy Crew, Miami-Dade’s superintendent and the 2008 National Superintendent of the Year. He was also the keynote speaker at NASBE’s recent Legislative Conference. And he was received like…..well, a rock star.


(Thanks to Tom Brewster.)