January 7, 2008

Principal on Wheels

“Cheryl Pasteur, principal of Randallstown High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, is known as ‘The Principal on Wheels’ because she spends the entire school day in the hallways and classrooms, all the while pushing the cart that doubles as her office. On her cart, Pasteur carries key trappings of her office, including a travel mug of green tea, her BlackBerry, a walkie-talkie, a can of candy, a box of tissues and her planner. She brings a stack of paperwork but says she rarely gets to it until the end of the day.”

Ms. Pasteur exemplifies accessibility every day as she pushes her cart around the school, focusing primarily on what matters most- teaching and learning. She created avenues for teachers to voice opinions via a teachers’ council and encouraged the community to get involved. Kudos to “Miss P” for thinking outside the box and working diligently to get the job done.

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