January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday NCLB

Today marks the sixth birthday of No Child left Behind. President Bush and Secretary Spellings were in Chicago yesterday at Horace Greeley Elementary, the only Blue Ribbon school in the city, to celebrate. Read more about the visit here.

During the press gaggle aboard Air Force One in route to Chicago, Secretary Spellings made the following comments:

"I think the important thing as we reflect on the anniversary...is, you know, it's time for us to take stock, to embrace what has worked in No Child Left Behind, and improve the things that should be improved. That's why we have reauthorizations in the Congress, that is why every six years the Congress gives itself an opportunity to stop, look and listen, and correct things that may need improvement."

Perhaps more interestingly: "And so what the President is going to say is that we want the Congress to act. We hope they will. But if they don't, I'll take administrative steps at the Department, as I have in the last three years, to start to work on some of these matters."

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