November 8, 2007

Utah Voucher Defeat

Utah voters have once again reaffirmed their confidence in their public schools by decisively rejecting the state referendum on private school vouchers. The 2-1 margin against vouchers is testament to the satisfaction Utah families, educators, and the public have with their schools.


Whenever the issue of vouchers has been put before the public for a vote, vouchers have lost overwhelmingly. The public in states ranging from California to Michigan and now Utah inherently understands the community benefits of public education. No matter how much advertising millionaire dot com tycoon voucher ideologues buy to try to convince them to the contrary, voters are able to see through the false promises of vouchers and disregard the scurrilous attacks on their public schools.


The leadership role of Kim Burningham, chairman of the Utah State Board of Education, for his support of public education should also be noted. Kim’s energy, vision, and eloquence, were a source of inspiration and confidence to many during this election campaign. Utahns are fortunate to have a state education leader of Kim Burningham’s commitment and passion working on their behalf, and we are certain that Kim and the entire Utah State Board of Education will continue their tireless efforts to implement real reforms that, unlike vouchers, are proven and effective to improve Utah’s public schools for all its children.”