October 4, 2007

Governance Woes

The non-partisan Constitution Review Commission will be looking into the governance of the 15-member Utah State Board of Education. Currently the Utah Board is elected via a hybrid system: the governor appoints two candidates to each district ballot and then one of the candidates is elected by voters. The procedure for electing board members is not in the state constitution, the only regulation is that board members must be elected, not appointed.

The Commission, which is solely and advisory body, will study how, or, if the governance of the board should be changed and will issue a report to the 2008 Legislature. House Speaker Greg Curtis commented, “I don’t like the current hybrid system…we should just have direct elections.” State Board Chairman Kim Burningham welcomed the constitutional discussion despite what he believes originated the conversation- animosity from GOP leaders stemming from the board’s refusal to implement vouchers this past spring.

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