September 27, 2007

The Results are In!

The most recent results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) were released this week. The “Nation’s Report Card” revealed some good news: American fourth- and eighth-graders continue to improve in mathematics and fourth-grade reading achievement has also gone up. The bad news: Eighth-grade reading scores are about the same as they were in 1998. Additionally, although black and Hispanic students are making gains, significant achievement gaps remain.

The quick and dirty, directly from NAEP:


- Fourth- and eighth-graders scored higher than in all previous assessment years.

- White, Black, and Hispanic students at both grades demonstrated a better understanding of mathematics compared to all previous assessment years.

- The White-Black score gap narrowed at grade four when compared to 1990 and at grade 8 when compared to 2005.

In READING in 2007

- Fourth-graders scored higher than in all previous assessment years.

- Eighth-graders scored higher than in 2005 and 1992.

- At both grades, White, Black, and Hispanic students all scored higher than in 1992. However, only the White-Black gap at fourth-grade was smaller compared to 2005 and 1992.

Secretary Spellings credited the NCLB for the improvement and commented, “We are going in the right direction, and we don't need to let up now.”

For complete results click here.

The Washington Post noted: “Some experts call for a stronger national commitment to adolescent literacy and a rethinking of reading instruction” – something NASBE, via the State Adolescent Literacy Network, is already very committed to.