September 12, 2007

A Leap of Faith

The Washington Post editorial page continues to amaze and astonish whenever it tries to weigh in on educational policy matters. The latest bizarre musings of the 15th Street crowd is this editorial about a proposal by the Catholic Bishop in Washington, DC to convert eight of the Church's 28 schools into public charter schools rather than close them because they are a financial drain on the Church.

Yet somehow the Post has turned the issue into one of public school choice and a test of new Mayor Adrian Fenty's school reform efforts. Stunning. Only the Post could turn the Church's betrayal of current school choice (these students are in these parochial schools because their parents have already chosen not to have them attend DC public schools but thanks to the Archbishop might be soon enrolled in the DC public school system whether they like it or not) into a referendum on whether DC leaders support choice by agreeing to essentially takeover the Catholic schools. Choice at any cost is the Post's motto. If only it were also for the Archdiocese of Washington. A pity the Post hasn't cared to notice.